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Re: Packaging and installation

>: Also, we've all pretty much decided that it's not worth our time to pursue
>: an alternative solution, as RPM does 99% of what we want it to.  So that
>. pretty much means that if anyone wants to see this done, they have to do
>: it themselves.
Good.  I remember the earlier debates and also thought things had 
been resolved, until the current thread started....
> I agree, it is there lets use it.  Or at least parts of it.  Manipulating
> the rpmdb shouldn't be that hard, so making LSB "ready" package management
> system that modifies a standard database could achieve the goal of 
> standard package management without limiting the software used to do it.
That could be a good way to address the other 1% or so of instances
where RPM was not available (or someone did a manual install).  

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