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Re: [Freestandards-ldps] BUGS in LDPS 1.0-beta

* Dan Quinlan (quinlan@transmeta.com) [001023 03:43]:
> I should point out that the LDPS is for "independent software
> developers", not distributions.  

Which is why it is important, and why it is irrelevant how
much it is used in a distro.  Right now Linux is strongest
at the server, where character mode interfaces rule, aside
from web-based interfaces.  It is more convenient for the
customer if the developer can delvier ncurses-based
installation and configuration interfaces for server
software than to use the crappy shell scripts you see
today.  The only reason something like "make menuconfig" is
useful now is because it gets compiled when you need it. 
We shouldn't expect that from a commercial package.

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