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ARGH no more packaging discussions please

the LSB decided a long time ago to rely on a SUBSET of the rpm package
FORMAT (not utility) to be their package format.

We don't have to worry about package dependancies being not fulfilled b/w
the various distributions, because if a package depends on things outside of
the LSB it has to include them, and they will be compiled against the LSB
libraries,  not the individual distributions libraries (which could be the
LSB libraries, but don't have to be).

every argument has been gone through already, this is a waste of time to
read, a waste of bandwidth, and it probably agravates the people who try to
do the heavy lifting.

Read the archives if you want to know how the decision was made, if you
disagree, ok.  But the decision was made a long time ago. Let's move on.


avoid the us.ibm.com for now as I don't have access to Lotus Notes

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