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Re: Organizational changes

Keld Jørn Simonsen writes:

> How was these decisions taken?

I'm responsible for these decisions.  The decision to appoint George
to the post of program manager for the specification was made in
conjunction with Stuart Anderson and several other people.  George is
given a substantial amount of time to work on the LSB by his employer,
IBM, and he has been a frequent contributor to the LSB specification.
Andrew Josey has done most of the work for the LSB test suite and he
is uniquely qualified to lead the effort.  I also discussed this
decision with Dale, Stuart, and several other participants before
making it final.

When the bylaws for the Free Standards Group are completed, they
should specify how these decisions will be made in the future.  If you
are a contributor to the LSB and you are interested in helping work on
the bylaws, let me know.  (This isn't the right place to talk about


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