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Re: Organizational changes

Gael Duval <gduval@mandrakesoft.com> writes:

> can you give us the tech and pro background resumes of George,
> Stuart and Andrew?

Yes, they were each kind enough to provide me with even more background

George Kraft IV:

  I am professionally and philosophically a UNIX/Linux software
  engineer.  I have been developing on UNIX since 1982, when I started
  college, and I have been using GNU/Linux off and on since 1993.  I
  have primarily only worked in the commands an libraries space in the
  production of SunOS, BSD, and Dynix for Purdue University, Sys V.3 for
  Texas Instruments, AIX 3.X-4.X for IBM, NetBSD 1.4 and Linux for IBM's
  Network Station thin client.  At one time I was the UNIX team leader
  for CAD Framework Initiative which was an Electronic Design Automation
  standards body that spun off of MCC here in Austin.  I often change
  hats between programmer, team leader, architect, and strategist.

Stuart Anderson:

  Stuart Anderson has been working with the X Window System since 1987.
  Today, he is technical director for X Windows Products at Metro Link,
  Inc. with development responsibilities for multi-platform aspects of
  the Metro Link product set.

  He has been an XFree86 Core Team member since 1998 and is architect of
  the portable loader and config file parsing library included in
  XFree86 4.0.  He is also the Metro Link member representative to

  From 1991 to 1995, he headed the Unixware (SVR4) branding effort at
  NCR/AT&T, involving all of the X/Open test suites and chaired the
  Technical Subcommittee of the Intel ABI+ group (extensions to the SVID
  based gABI & psABI).

  Stuart has a BS and MS in Computer Engineering from the University of
  South Carolina.

Andrew Josey:

  Andrew Josey is director for the Platform Program within The Open
  Group responsible for management of development of the Single UNIX
  Specification and the associated test developments.

  Presently, Andrew chairs the Austin Group, the working group
  responsible for development of the joint revision to POSIX 1003.1,
  POSIX 1003.2 and the Single UNIX Specification. He is the IEEE P1003.1
  chair and the PASC Functional chair of Interpretations.

  Andrew is the advocate for Linux and Open Source within the Open Group
  and represents the Open Group at the Linux Standard Base.  He has
  worked with USENIX to enable LSB representation to the Austin Group.
  He manages the Open Source versions of several of The Open Group's
  test frameworks and test suites. He has been been active in the LSB
  test efforts, working on test infrastructure, the Test Environment
  Toolkit and VSXgen frameworks, into which the first testsets for POSIX
  test coverage and the FHS specification have been developed. He is
  currently investigating the next steps for test coverage for the LSB.

  He has recently completed a book, in association with VA Linux
  Systems, entitled The UNIX System Today. This is the authorized guide
  to the Single UNIX Specification, and in addition to sets of technical
  papers and the specification itself now includes Debian GNU/Linux on

  Andrew has worked in the industry since 1987, working previously for
  AT&T UNIX Europe, UNIX System Laboratories and Novell prior to joining
  the Open Group in 1996. Previously at UNIX System Laboratories he was
  responsible for X/Open standards conformance of UNIX System V Release
  4 and contributed to the development of the XPG4 alignment in
  SVR4.2. He led the Extended Test Environment Toolkit project.

  He has a first class honours degree in Combined Sciences from Brighton
  Polytechnic, and an MSc in Computer Science from University College,
  London University

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