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Organizational changes

Starting this week, George Kraft will be project manager of the LSB
specification working group.  George will coordinate the development of
our specification effort and will work with Stuart Anderson (the editor
and architect of the LSB specification).  His first action items are to
(1) develop a task list and schedule for the LSB specification and (2)
work with Stuart to assign resources as they become available to
complete those tasks are completed.

Also starting this week, Andrew Josey will be the technical lead of
the LSB test suite working group.  Andrew Josey has been helping
develop the LSB test suite effort for the last several months and is
the author of the LSB-FHS test suite.

I would also like to acknowledge the great work that Dale Scheetz has
done since he started the LSB test suite effort.  Dale is currently
working to improve the documentation that comes with the test suite.


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