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RE: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee It's Not 1970!

> > Then when a software developer can look too the specs and decide wich
> > level his application reuires. The linux distributors can have options
> > their installation to install up to a certain level.
> This is probably the best reason for specing levels that I've
> heard so far. It would be great that if a distribution is LSB
> complient it ensures there is an option to install to particular
> level.
> However it should be remembered that graphical application
> developers are probably the main target of the LSB.

How about dedicated servers? It would be nice if I could select "LSB Core"
and "Bind" for a dedicated DNS server. I wouldn't need X or any other GUI
for that, do I? And because I installed a LSB compliant system, I should be
able to add another package to add functionality (a FTP server to load my
zone files for example).

> Linux Standard Base = Linux Core + Linux Application Extentions
> (including X).
> Linux Handheld Base = Linux Core + Handheld Specific Extentions
> (another GUI).
> Linux WAP Base = Linux Handheld Base + WAP

Vincent de Lau (vincent@delau.demon.nl)

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