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Re: Spam on lsb lists

>And lots of people (have to) use several different addresses,
>subscribing with all of them isn't really an option, since you get
>multiple copies of each mail then.

Before I started using Lotus Notes, I had an "slocal" MH script that would
filter out multiple email messages.   I would take the message id from each
incoming message and compare it to the contents of a 100 message FIFO list.
If I recently received a message with the same message id  then I would
throw it away, otherwise, I would save the message id and let the email
pass through to my mailbox.   I don't have the script anymore, otherwise, I
would give it to you.

Hope this helps.

George Kraft IV
512-838-2688; t/l 678-2688
IBM Linux Technology Center & Linux Standards

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