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Re: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee It's Not 1970!

> Then when a software developer can look too the specs and decide wich
> level his application reuires. The linux distributors can have options in
> their installation to install up to a certain level.

This is probably the best reason for specing levels that I've
heard so far. It would be great that if a distribution is LSB
complient it ensures there is an option to install to particular

However it should be remembered that graphical application
developers are probably the main target of the LSB.

Developers for handhelds are probably going to be constrained by
more than just Linux, as has been discussed they would probably
require a different form of GUI requiring a different spec

Perhaps there should be an abstract base ie one systems are not
certified against, but then in addition to this have more
detailed specs for individual areas (like the previously
mentioned Linux Core, but made abstract)

For example:

Linux Standard Base = Linux Core + Linux Application Extentions
(including X).
Linux Handheld Base = Linux Core + Handheld Specific Extentions
(another GUI).
Linux WAP Base = Linux Handheld Base + WAP

This would allow work on the Linux Standard Base to continue, and
people can argue about the exact boundary between the core and X
and other things later (or even better on another mailing list

> Well this is just a thougth....

this was just a thougth as well :)


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