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Re: File Systems.

   From: Jochem Huhmann <joh@gmx.net>
   Date: 20 Mar 2000 06:44:17 +0100

   We agree on that: /usr is correct for packages that come with the
   operating system. I would like to hear from you (or from the LSB
   actually) *what* is considered to belong to the operating system.  So,
   what parts of Redhat (Caldera, Debian, Mandrake, SuSE, ...) belong to
   the "operating system" and what parts are distributed 3rd party
   software? Again: Is Netscape part of the OS?

Why do we care?  This isn't particularly important, IMO.  

For the purposes of whether some particular application can be installed
on a Linux system, unless the application needs the use of Netscape, it
doesn't matter.

   Avoiding an answer to this question is an answer on its own. Making LSB
   useful is IMHO not possible without defining what the system is and if
   you do so, additional software is additional software distributed as a
   set with the OS, but not part of the OS.

What is your definition of "useful"?  You haven't explicitly stated what
your goals are, which makes it hard to understand why you keep pushing
for what's not part of the OS.  

							- Ted

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