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Re: X and LSB

   From: Jochem Huhmann <joh@gmx.net>
   Date: 20 Mar 2000 07:44:13 +0100

   PS: I'm not working for a distributor nor for an ISV. I'm a freelancer
   doing documentation and authoring and teaching and I may well have other
   problems as distributors and ISVs with this wild Linux thing. I'm also
   interested in getting an useful Linux Standard Base, though. Is LSB
   really just about ISVs and distributors? 

Well, this was the original problem which the LSB was chartered to
solve.  (i.e., allowing ISV's to produce software which will work on
multiple distributions.)   

If you're not interested in solving this problem, then what problem are
you trying to solve?  This might not be right forum, but there might
other more appropriate forums for whatever you're trying to accomplish.

For example, if you want to argue over the placement of files, the FHS
discussion list is more appropriate (although many subjects have already
been hashed over, and there won't be much enthuasism for revisiting
already-decided issues).  

						- Ted

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