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Re: File Systems.

* "H. Peter Anvin" <hpa@transmeta.com> wrote:
> That is /opt/bin.  However, it is generally better to put the binaries
> in /opt/<package>/bin and install symlinks in /opt/bin, since a major
> reason for /opt/<package> is so that different packages (/opt packages
> are assumed to be large) can reside on different filesystems if need be.

"Large" is a relative term. And Gnome is large... But there is no reason
to decide on this, one could easily do both, structuring /opt like /usr
*and* use that /opt/<package> for packages where it makes sense (I would
like to see things like KDE and Gnome completely in /opt/gnome and
/opt/kde, since this makes handling much easier).


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