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Re: File Systems.

On 18 Mar 2000, Jochem Huhmann wrote:

> * "H. Peter Anvin" <hpa@transmeta.com> wrote:
> > Actually, since the *only* reason for /opt is to break up installed
> > software in manageable pieces, /opt/<package> is definitely to be
> > recommended. 
> There is no reason to do this in a given system with a working
> package-manager. The only reason for /opt has been the need of
> Unix-vendors to separate their OS from 3rd party applications and don't
> let them install straight between the OS. Since Linux-vendors
> (distributors) look at everything they deliver as "their OS", /opt is
> nearly not used at all. And exactly this attitude of "All of
> Redhat/SuSE/Debian/Mandrake is Linux" gives many problems in defining
> (or specifying) what Linux actually is. So, come on: What is Linux? I'm
> asking this since years and nobody can give me an answer. The LSB has to
> give an answer.

The simple technical answer is that Linux is the kernel. Nothing more.
Nothing less. What the people generally call Linux can be just about
anything. (Like journalist calling any OS a program because they don't
understand or expect their audience not to understand it.)

Before old flamewars are repeated it might be worthwile to study the
archives around because this war has been fought and the casulties are
still not counted. I don't think one can point out a winner.


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