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Re: File Systems.

* Hugo.van.der.Kooij@caiw.nl wrote:
> The simple technical answer is that Linux is the kernel. Nothing more.
> Nothing less. What the people generally call Linux can be just about
> anything. 

I see that, but what is the "Linux Standard Base" about then? Is it just
about the kernel? Obviously not. So what is that "Linux" in "Linux
Standard Base"? IMHO it is what the LSB specifies to be called,
recognized and treated as "Linux". And then, everything not embraced by
that specification isn't Linux but some 3rd party application and has as
such go to /opt if installed by a package or to /usr/local if installed
manually by the admin.

I don't want to flame, really, I've gone through all this several times
in the last years. I'm just asking things ;-) 


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