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Re: Packaging

Previously Robert W. Current wrote:
> Daniel Quinlan wrote:
> > People from Red Hat and Debian are working on something, but we're not
> > planning on waiting for it to be completed.  If they decide to bring
> > that effort under the LSB, it would be okay with me, but that's their
> > decision.

Let me cut in here as one of the people working on this.

> Great news to hear :-)  sadly under publicised I guess.

Agreed; we felt we wanted to have something that we believed in
ourselves before letting others flame it to bits/comment on it.

> Got a pointer/url or something?  Is the table open for other packaging
> software developers to enter?

Not at the moment; I have a rough preliminary spec that I need to clean
up; once I've done that I'll send it to the LSB lists. At that point
others are also free to enter, until then I'ld like to finish this
quietely and peacefully.


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