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Re: Idea about LSB layering

* Hugo.van.der.Kooij@caiw.nl wrote:
> While the argument is going on here is a simple idea on the layering of
> the LSB.
>  |   +- LSB NCURSES
>  +- LSX X11
>      +- LSB GTK+
>      +- LSB KDE
> ... and so on ....
> The placement of the modules is just a sample but this would make a good
> concept IM(NSH)O to structure the lot.

Looks like a good idea to me.

> Using the name CORE instead of BASE makes things more clearer because I am
> under the impression that people tend to use the term BASE differently.

One could try to understand "Linux Standard Base" in another way: As a
way to define a base for Linux-standards (and not a standard for a
"Linux Base"). And then call the real specifications "Linux System Base"
"Linux Shell Base", "Linux X Base", "Linux KDE Base", "Linux Application
Base" and so on. Large parts of this could just be taken from existing
things like POSIX or just document current practice as in X11.

I'm really wondering if nobody sees the enormous amount of work that
hides in all this. I would rather like to see some infrastructure for
doing all that work first. Something like what sourceforge is (or may
become) for software development. Can you do "standardizing the penguin"
in cathedral style or has it to be bazaar-styled? IMHO single projects
like X or KDE have to standardize themselves, with the LSB providing
overall guidelines, tools, infrastructure etc. And a first specification
describing a base system that is able to boot and run and to build upon.


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