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Re: X and LSB

Michael Stone wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 16, 2000 at 06:49:14PM -0500, Robert W. Current wrote:
> > No, I'm discussing a point.  But I'll respell out what I think should
> > happen again, because I think it's time to cut through the discussion
> > and restate my position on X again.
> So your only point now is X?


> What happened to throwing out current filesystem conventions
> --is that going to come back later or have you
> decided that it wasn't a good idea?

File system conventions have are a good idea.  They should not be thrown
out.  The idea of standardizing them is something I still feel should be
done.  I am not going to let go of that issue either.  It would be
extremely detrimental to throw out the conventions.

Which would you like to discuss first?

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