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Re: /mnt/cdrom or /mnt ?


I think that /mnt is a place where I and other people have used
to just mount anything.  Directly.  I use it for very temporary

I agree that structure is needed but we need a different directory
for that.

What I have used for years is:


And, in the last case, I have symlinked them to other places if needed.

(OK, even that is quite simplistic compared to a *total* solution)


Jochem Huhmann wrote:
> On Tue, 30 Mar 1999 19:43:19 CDT Michael Stone wrote:
> > This is, IMHO, way too complicated. I think a /cdrom is justified because
> > they're so common, and because the /cdrom mount point itself is fairly common.
> > But how necessary is a floppy mount point today, and for how much longer? And
> > specifying jazz, zip, dvd, etc. isn't real scalable. Anything beyond that
> > (e.g., non-*nix partitions or loopbacks) is getting fairly system-specific, and
> > is probably outside the scope of what FHS should specify.
> Partly agreed. The FHS should not specify where to mount everything
> under the sun, but it should say where those mount points have to live
> and where not. IMHO they should not live under / but under /mnt.
> To say "hey, /cdrom is okay, because it is common, but please use
> /mnt/dvd and /mnt/jazz" is clutter.
>         Jochem

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