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Re: /mnt/cdrom or /mnt ?

On Sat, 03 Apr 1999 22:10:17 +1000 Daniel Bradley wrote:

> I'm starting to think that bothering to standardise a CD-Rom mount might
> be short-sighted. Take as an example the floppy-drive, it is now
> gradually being superceded by Zip/Jazz/Super disks. Would this mean that
> there should be either a /zip(/mnt/zip) etc for each one.

IMHO there is no need to specify mount points for any device. The only
problem is in not specifying a "container" directory for such mount
points. If there is no such container-directory (i.e. /mnt)
distributions, vendors and sysadmins will have to invent mount points
(or their own container directories) in / - that was my concern. 

When (if) vendors start to supply drivers/kernel-modules or other
supporting software for their hardware, we might end up in having
directories like /sony, /iomega and others. I wouldn't like that. But it
might be hard to fight such things if we allow /cdrom or /floppy *now*. 
That looks like namespace-cluttering to me and it won't get better in 
the coming years.


Jochem Huhmann  *  Duisburg, Germany  *  joh@uni-duisburg.de
"Microsoft NT is not computer science. It is computer scientology."

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