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/mnt/cdrom, /m/cdrom, etc.

What about /vol? In Solaris this is the default directory for the 
volume management daemon, which manages the CD-ROM and floppy devices.
Anyone using Solaris can take a look at volfs(7FS) and associated man
pages to see their exact conventions, obviously most of these would be
irrelevant since Linux does not use vold, but the naming structure may
be interesting.

That way, /mnt can (once again) be for temporary mounts, and /vol can be
for system-wide standard mounts (/vol/cdrom, /vol/floppyA, /vol/floppyB,
/vol/winC, etc). I don't think the standard should specify anything lower
than /vol (for instance, what to call the cdrom drive or floppies, etc).
Applications should learn to be flexible for this, and distributions should
be able to use whatever defaults they want. However, having /vol (or something
like it) as a standard in (perhaps) the FHS or the LSB would be a good idea
because it would make it easier to administer systems (you can always just
look in /vol to see the external or secondary filesystems).

Just my $0.02.


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