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Re: /mnt/cdrom or /mnt ?

Jochem Huhmann wrote:
> The problems of game programmers, who would like to have one single spot
> to load their data files from the game`s CD? Of course there are a lot
> applications that would benefit from a default place where to look for a
> mounted floppy or CD or DVD.

Please forgive me, but I don't quite get the point here.

In Windoze (funny I actually meant to spell Windows properly - I guess
its subconscious) the effective mount point of a CD-ROM is just as
variable as in Linux. I like to keep my CD-ROM on G (I don't know why).
Most people have their CD-ROMs on D (I don't' know why). If you have
more than one CD-ROM they are on different letters anyway.

In fact how would standardizing the location effect having more than one
CD-ROM, how would the game know which CD-ROM to look in.

In Linux wouldn't installing a game be exactly the same as in windows.
You navigate to the directory containing the CD-ROM using whichever way
suits you KFM or XTerm or whatever and run the setup program. The setup
program works out where it is via $PWD or whatever, that's were it looks
for everything.

The only problem then would be if you suddenly decide to start mounting
your CD-ROM elsewhere. Or if you copy the game directory to another
computer that has a different mount point. This is where standardization
would be good.


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