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Re: /mnt/cdrom or /mnt ?

I see benefits for novice users that there be a standard
mount point for things like the first cdrom and the first floppy,
and also windows partitions.

The goal for me is to make the system fly just without any
special configuration. I would like Linux to
be a mainstream operating system that is good enough for
the current average MS Windows user, - so installation should really
be a no-brainer.

For the cdrom and floppy stuff this would mean that there be
a standard mount point, and where it is done is not really
important, as said it is for the average non-professional user
and it could be in the /mnt directory - although this is not my
own personal preference.

A number of utilities could take advantage of this, such as mount,
wine, different music stuff etc, which then would work out of the box.

Especially much of the installation stuff could be done 
automagically - with of cause a choice to override the default settings.
/etc/fstab should be initiated under installation with the default
settings here, so a new system is born with access to windoze
partitions and cdrom and floppy. We already have standard hardware
names in /dev - so why not also logical names?

This should also include windoze partitions, all of them, and
that should be named in a manner equivalent to how windoze names
them, like c, d, e etc  (/mnt/c /mnt/d ...)


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