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1999-03-16 status update

I've had a few questions about what's happening, especially since the
lsb-discuss list is pretty quiet.

First of all, most of the traffic is on the lsb-spec mailing list.  (Not
surprising at this stage of the project.)  Current topics are:

 - a cron job specification
 - LSB commands and utilities (shell commands like "cp")
 - (just started) init/rc files

Mailing list archives are located at:


Next, we now have a webmaster who has already updated all of the broken
links on the web page: Jakob 'sparky' Kaivo <jkaivo@linuxbase.org>.
Please email him any suggestions or comments about the web pages.  (Most
of the editorials and articles are now located at:


I also just made a posting to lsb-test regarding the VSX-PCTS test suite
and where we need to make progress there.

- Dan

(Jake: can you set up a link for the list archives?)

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