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GNOME Window Manager

> Robert Current <rob@current.nu> writes:
> > About a seperate standard orginization for GUI (X), any word?
> > Who's been contacted, and by who, and what have they had to say?
> > 
> > "GNOME Window Manager Compliance Spec" on SlashDot has launched another
> > KDE vs. GNOME flame war.  And it seems that they are moving farther away
> > from common ground now, creating "standards" on thier own without a
> > round table discussion with members from other camps.
> > 
> > I'd be interested to hear what progress has been made on bring them
> > together, rather than the "flame bait" on slashdot.

The comments on slashdot are a very unreliable source of information.

One of the authors of KWM (KDE's Window Manager) commented on the
on this issue. Basically KWM supports most of the hints listed in the
spec, for details please look up the 'kde' list-archive at

Inspired by the Gnome Spec, one of the KDE-developers is working hard to 
get a KDE Window Mangager spec out as well. Although the two specs are 
different in some areas, it should not be too hard to make a
which is both Gnome- and KDE-aware. I expect that the most popular WMs 
will have support for both in the not so far future.

Waldo Bastian
Linux, The Choice Of A GNU Generation.

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