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> Robert Current <rob@current.nu> writes:
> > About a seperate standard orginization for GUI (X), any word?
> > Who's been contacted, and by who, and what have they had to say?
> > 
> > "GNOME Window Manager Compliance Spec" on SlashDot has launched another
> > KDE vs. GNOME flame war.  And it seems that they are moving farther away
> > from common ground now, creating "standards" on thier own without a
> > round table discussion with members from other camps.
> > 
> > I'd be interested to hear what progress has been made on bring them
> > together, rather than the "flame bait" on slashdot.
> Unfortunately, we can't get real work done faster than people can
> flame.  So far, I've had a positive response (from GNOME), but I'm
> still trying to get in contact with other developer groups.  My
> Thanksgiving holiday travel (now completed) slowed me down a bit too.


You found one :) Let me introduce myself. I'm Waldo Bastian and since 
May '98 I'm one of the guys working on KDE's HTML Widget. During the
day I read e-mail and work as a Software Engineer on embedded-software
not related to Linux. I would like to see a standard for CORBA-based 
application interoperatability. I'm currently trying to make an 
inventarisation of what is currently used within KDE and will try
to make an assessment of what the various people need. One of the 
things I will try to focus on are 'Integrated Development Environments'
since they seem to be the most popular project to start next to 
Irc-clients (no offence).

It would be very nice if we could get a small(!) group of people 
together from Gnome, KDE and possibly some others to produce some kind
of written-down acceptable standard in this area.

Waldo Bastian
Linux, The Choice Of A GNU Generation.

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