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Re: GNOME Window Manager (fwd)

I was deep in meditation when Waldo Bastian awoke me by saying:
> Inspired by the Gnome Spec, one of the KDE-developers is working hard to
> get a KDE Window Mangager spec out as well. Although the two specs are
> different in some areas, it should not be too hard to make a
> window-manager
> which is both Gnome- and KDE-aware. I expect that the most popular WMs
> will have support for both in the not so far future.

That certainly is possible, but I don't think it solves the problem, which
is at the application level. What would be really nice is if GNOME and
KDE applications were interoperable. Otherwise we will have 2 (3 if you
count GNUStep) environments with exclusive APIs. As an applications
developer, I don't want to have to code the same stuff twice, one for
GNOME interoperability and one for KDE (and in some cases, such as
DnD, I probably couldn't if I wanted to). On the flip side, it would be
a shame allow a single environment to become an exclusive standard, de facto
or otherwise, because both seem to serve the communities who prefer them.


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