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Robert Current <rob@current.nu> writes:

> About a seperate standard orginization for GUI (X), any word?
> Who's been contacted, and by who, and what have they had to say?
> "GNOME Window Manager Compliance Spec" on SlashDot has launched another
> KDE vs. GNOME flame war.  And it seems that they are moving farther away
> from common ground now, creating "standards" on thier own without a
> round table discussion with members from other camps.
> I'd be interested to hear what progress has been made on bring them
> together, rather than the "flame bait" on slashdot.

Unfortunately, we can't get real work done faster than people can
flame.  So far, I've had a positive response (from GNOME), but I'm
still trying to get in contact with other developer groups.  My
Thanksgiving holiday travel (now completed) slowed me down a bit too.

- Dan

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