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Re: Desktop normalization (fwd)

On Fri, 27 Nov 1998, Marcin Krol wrote:

> On Wed, 25 Nov 1998, Aaron wrote:
> > I was deep in meditation when Marcin Krol awoke me by saying:
> > > > As I implied however, one purpose of a standard (and a primary motivation
> > > > of the LSB project) is to give potential developers a "still" target, if
> > > > you will, rather than a "moving" target. 
> > > Yes. Problem is, what you propose gives developers multiple targets.  Even
> > > one moving target is still better than whole bunch of targets, some
> > > stable, some moving. 
> > No necessarily. What I propose is that we be very careful to maintain a
> > stable target where necessary. I don't think the abilitiy of inability of
> > the window manager from doing (for example) windowshade or providing for
> > an icon box (rather than putting icons in the root window) warrant a stable
> > target,
> No. This detail is not what is "absolutely necessary"...
> > because they are independant of the actual application, and are
> > completely within the realm of user preference. In other words, the application
> > doesn't need to know that its window is windowshaded, or where its icon
> > has gone; however it does need to know how to perform drag and drop and
> .. but universal drag and drop *is* absolutely necessary in GUI area.

Well X has a standard for years. Left moese to selct and middle button to
drop. Works with KDE, Afterstep, gnome, .....

But I think we should close the issue here. It is out of the scope of the
LSB now and in the short term future so discussing here will only consume
time but not result in anything usefull.


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