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LSA conformance testing

> Quite frankly, this message sounds like a strong arming technique to me, and 
> our (Debian) response will likely be that we are committed to LSB/LCS and 

What on earth do the LSB/LSC have to do with POSIX.1 compliance testing?

Despite the similarity of names (and the mass confusion over at
Slashdot), the LSA seems to have NOTHING to do with NEW standards. 
AFAICT, they are trying to promote *existing* industry standards like
POSIX.x, XPG.x, UNIX9x(TM), etc.  And they're testing Debian for POSIX.1
compliance for free (since the tests are available gratis from The Open
Group).  What's strong-arm about that?  Ian Nandhra has experience with
standards testing -- he was involved, I believe, with the Lasermoon

> Should RH and Debian jointly respond to this?

I think you should try to find out what they're really about before
overreacting.  I've got no interest in LSA per se, but I would very much
like to see some standards-compliance and maybe even certification of
Linux systems.  It would make it that much easier for me to talk to the
pointy-haired ones I work for about it.

I heard about the LSA on Slashdot, and I wrote to them to ask what their
intentions were towards Debian.  I was *not* expecting the reply I got,
which was, essentially, "we're just about to test Debian for POSIX.1
compliance, would you like to help?"  I'm sorry, but no matter how many
times I read that, I can't find the evil.  What am I missing?
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