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LSA conformance testing

I got this this morning... thought you might be interested.   

Quite frankly, this message sounds like a strong arming technique to me, and 
our (Debian) response will likely be that we are committed to LSB/LCS and 
have no interest or comment on the LSA effort... I still need to talk that 
over with some people.

If you have comments, please let me know soon as I think that Debian does 
need to respond directly.  Should RH and Debian jointly respond to this?


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Ladies and Gents,

   We are going to make a press release with information about RedHat, 
OpenLinux and I believe Debian.  I am asking each group for a comment that I 
will include in the document regarding the testing.  As of right now, each 
distribution has produced approximately 10% FAIL notices in the execution 
journal.  I do not have specific information as to where they fail, just 
what a GREP shows in terms of FAIL/PASS numbers.

   Please submit your comments before 12:00PM EDT on Monday August 24th if 
you wish them included in our statement.  We will include some portion of 
in the press release.  Results should be posted on our site by 8am EDT for 
you to review.

   Michael McLagan
   Linux Standards Association

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