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Re: interested in helping with LSB web pages?

On Fri, 21 Aug 1998, Daniel Quinlan wrote:

> Thanks for the offer.  It was easiest to use kernel.org.  I think we
> may register a separate domain name, and until then things will sit at
> http://linux.kernel.org/lsb.

Ok. If you ever need some help with that we do have quite a large mirror
network for things like this.
> > Any word on what was decided with the lists?
> The lists are going to sit at kernel.org as well.  They'll be ready
> today.

Oh :< I was told we were going to continue hosting them, things are
already setup. I'll email you the current subscriber list for the two
base- lists that Bruce setup and arrange a redirection if you tell me the
new address for base-eng.

Do you want the archive too?


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