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Re: itype 3 as generic status Re: To evolve or not to evolve

>   I've gone through the code for my gopher server [1] and there are four
> error types I send a type 3 for:
> 	Redirects (using my hack)
> 	Gone (again, using my hack)
> 	Bad Request (couldn't parse the selector)
> 	Selector not found (generally, for any other error that may happen)
>   This is one area where gopher is seriously lacking.

So it sounds like we need pseudoports 301, 410, 400 and 404 (might as well use
the HTTP codes, they're as good as any). Maybe a 500 for a server down message.
For the redirect, how do you tell the user where to go? A single selectable item?

This doesn't help for the non-menu case but this is still very helpful to me
running a bot. Pruning dead selectors on still existing sites in the Veronica-2
database is currently its worst implemented feature and often requires me doing
manual cleanup or sometimes simply blowing away an entire site and reindexing
it from scratch. This would give me a programmatic way to remove tree "limbs"
at the menu level and save a lot of headache.

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