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RE: itype 3 as generic status Re: To evolve or not to evolve

On 26 October 2022 at 22:01, Cameron Kaiser wrote: 

> I like this concept, but since not everyone's language is English, maybe there should be a 
> code followed by the text, like
> 31: Permanent redirect\t...
> 32: Gone\t...
> This looks good on screen, and a client can parse the number no matter what the text is.
> Ultimately, all this is convention and doesn't exclude any client, which is what I like best 
> about Gopher.

Can we be sure though that there aren't any legacy clients out there that do this:

if parts[0]=="3" {
 'do something

If there are, they won't see the error line correctly. Knowing how I write code, I'm pretty sure my client falls foul of this also! :(


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