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itype 3 as generic status Re: To evolve or not to evolve

>   The one thing I do miss from HTTP is the ability to redirect a request. 
> So, as an experiment, I added the ability to mark a selector as having been
> moved, using the standard gopher error mechanism.  So, if you attempt to
> retreive the selector '/Phlog:' on my server [1], you'll get:
> 3Permanent redirect	Phlog:	gopher.conman.org	70
>   This came about because a gopher page I regularly referenced suddenly
> disappeared, and it took me a while to find that the page had moved to a new
> selector.  
>   I also added the ability to mark pages as gone.  I don't have an actual
> example of that, but it would look like:
> 3Gone	foobar	gopher.conman.org	70

I like this concept, but since not everyone's language is English, maybe there
should be a code followed by the text, like

31: Permanent redirect\t...
32: Gone\t...

This looks good on screen, and a client can parse the number no matter what the
text is.

Ultimately, all this is convention and doesn't exclude any client, which is
what I like best about Gopher.

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