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Re: itype 3 as generic status Re: To evolve or not to evolve

> Cameron made a valid point about languages, though. I think that the
> description string should be left 100% dedicated to human texts to not pollute
> the user's visual space. Perhaps could we abuse the "port" field of the error
> item line to provide a 16-bit error code? This field is currently useless
> anyway for error lines.
> Such approach would prevent using the "3" line for redirecting the user
> somewhere else, but maybe it's for the best, because a "3" line is not supposed
> to be selectable in the first place, so a proper "1" or "0" line must be
> present anyway for non-smart clients so the user can click on it.
> The convention could be "if first line of menu is a 3 error with code 301 in
> port field then client might want to follow the first selectable line of the
> menu".
> In the same spirit: "if first line of menu is a 3 error with code 404 in port
> field then it means the selector does not exist".

I like this approach a lot.

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