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Re: State of Gopher and TLS?

Sad to see James go , especially since hes from my state.
 sent him an email, extending a hand of friendship and an invitation to return anytime.
 Perseverance as a quality. 
 anyway Was thinking about what I said, and although I put it forward poorly, Im encouraged with the example after here I give of persevering to think outside the box, wanting to share it with all,
"Did I mention, I know two women from brisbane who wrote a 3d Apple II emulator that is written in go, that runs 8 instances of the chosen hardware+os+software in parallel , using 3 to 3d-ise,one for networking, without the appleII running its tcp stack- I understand that is done by direct manipulation  of the apple II's memory map.It does the impossible by other means, and enables the entire catalogue of apple II games to be network played. Brilliant work".
 Making the impossible possible,  by pretty wonderous means.

From: Mateusz Viste <mateusz@viste.fr>
Sent: Wednesday, 26 October 2022 5:11 AM
To: gopher-project@other.debian.org <gopher-project@other.debian.org>
Subject: Re: State of Gopher and TLS?
On 25/10/2022 19:54, Matt Owen wrote:
>> *as of today, the Observable Gopherspace Universe Project reports a mere
>> 306 operational servers.
> How did I not know about this?! It's an awesome resource, Mateusz - Thanks for doing it.

I'm glad you like it.

> I was going to re-do my graphical gopherspace geo-located map, but to be honest I'm not sure I shall bother, as servers seem to come and go at a fast rate these days

You are right, the turnover rate is quite high these days. I am actually
planning to add some report to the OGUP that would list the "age" of

About the geolocated map: would you mind sharing some info about how you
create it? If it's something that could be automated, then maybe there
could be some tool that regenerates such map daily or weekly based on
the content of the OGUP database?


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