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Re: Post-RFC item types

The last time I looked at Gopher menu-types I only implemented what was in the RFC (_I believe_). Now that I look at this again, it is very much client dependency/specific, to the point where I _think_ unless you need the client to do something specific with the resource "in-client", you could almost externalize it to external programs.

What do I mean?

Besides supporting 0, 1, i h and a handful of others. Just one-extra type that say (for example in macOS) uses open to open the downloaded resource.


On Mon, Apr 5, 2021 at 3:46 PM Peter Smith <pedasmith@yahoo.com> wrote:

Looking at the other end: I did an automated survey a couple of years ago to find all of the currently used Gopher menu types.


My comments about your list:


h     HTML                                    popular (3914)

s     sound file                             uncommon (278)

w     WWW address                   very uncommon (9)

:     Gopher plus image                           “none”

;     Gopher plus movie                           very uncommon (11)

<     Gopher plus sound                          “none”

P     Gopher plus PDF                 very uncommon (26)




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From: Zachary Lee Andrews
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Subject: Post-RFC item types



Hello folks,


I am wondering if all modern clients have adapted all of the item types

supported by the UMN client and Lynx (libwww) which were not in RFC1436.

In libwww and Lynx they're defined in HTGopher.c

I am assuming that everybody has got the i item type supported by now

(lol). But what about w? I think w is far better than the GET%20/ or the

hURL hacks.


For reference here are the item types I am referring to.


h     HTML

s     sound file

w     WWW address

:     Gopher plus image

;     Gopher plus movie

<     Gopher plus sound

P     Gopher plus PDF




Examples of w itemtype


wA website      https://gopher.zcrayfish.soy/ (NULL) 1

wSDF IRC          irc://irc.sdf.org:6667/gopher  (NULL) 1



  Zachary Lee Andrews





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