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Post-RFC item types

Hello folks,

I am wondering if all modern clients have adapted all of the item types supported by the UMN client and Lynx (libwww) which were not in RFC1436.
In libwww and Lynx they're defined in HTGopher.c
I am assuming that everybody has got the i item type supported by now (lol). But what about w? I think w is far better than the GET%20/ or the
hURL hacks.

For reference here are the item types I am referring to.

h     HTML
s     sound file
w     WWW address
:     Gopher plus image
;     Gopher plus movie
<     Gopher plus sound
P     Gopher plus PDF

Examples of w itemtype
wA website	https://gopher.zcrayfish.soy/	(NULL)	1
wSDF IRC	irc://irc.sdf.org:6667/gopher	(NULL)	1

 Zachary Lee Andrews

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