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Re: Download a whole gopherhole using wget/curl?

It was thus said that the Great Bradley D. Thornton once stated:
> On 11/28/2019 2:31 AM, Sean Conner wrote:
> > gopher://gopher.conman.org/1Bible: 
> > gopher://gopher.conman.org/0Bible:Genesis 
> > gopher://gopher.conman.org/0Bible:Genesis.1 
> > gopher://gopher.conman.org/0Bible:Genesis.1:1 
> > gopher://gopher.conman.org/0Bible:Genesis.1-3 
> > gopher://gopher.conman.org/0Bible:Genesis.1:1-3:24 
> > gopher://gopher.conman.org/0Bible:Genesis.2:5-17
> > 
> > All of these are valid pages.  And given I have the entire King 
> > James Bible here, that's a ton of potential pages.
> Well I like the fact that it's the authorized version, and not some
> NIV or other modern concatenated version.

  I primarily picked the King James version because it's in the public
domain.  Secondarily because of the language.

>  Perhaps adding War and Peach, or All Quiet on the Western Front, or even,
> Gone with the Wind to that?

  They don't fit what I was trying to do, which was play around with a
variation on Xanadu-like tubler addressing.  Bible verses are regularly
cited with book, chapter and verse number, those other books less so (very
less so).  Also, _Gone With The Wind_ is still in copyright here in the
States, so I can't very well legally make the book available.


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