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Re: Questions about URLs for Gopher search items

> > > Could you explain how?  Sacc was one of the clients I tried.  I read the
> > > man page.  It is clear that I can press `u` to see the URL of the menu
> > > item my cursor is currently pointing at.  This is not the same thing as
> > > seeing the URL of the item I am currently *at*.  After I have done a
> > > Veronica search with sacc and I am staring at the results, how do I ask
> > > sacc "Which URL am I at, right now?".  
> > 
> > I added a 'U' keybinding for showing the page URI.
> > If it's a type '7', it'll additionnaly show the search string after the
> > selector, separated by a space.  
> Great work!  I am sure sacc users will appreciate this extra
> functionality.
> Can I ask what the rationale was for deciding on the space selector?  Not
> a criticism, I am just curious.  To my mind, the real utility of a
> feature like this is that if you end up somehere interesting you can ask
> for the URL and then share it via email, IRC, XMPP, whatever.  The other
> party can then copy and paste that URL into their client to end up where
> you are.  Since sacc recognises the %09 syntax, why not use it in the
> output so that this "round tripping" works?

I had missed that %09 specification in the URI RFC, sacc doesn't
support decoding it (yet).

At the moment it supports parsing an additionnal <tab>searchstr after
the selector.

Will display that %09 encoding in URI display, then parsing it in

Will keep posted, thanks for the hint!

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