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Re: Questions about URLs for Gopher search items

> > Greetings comrade.  
> Greetings, thanks for your answer.


> > > I tried to see what other clients do here to see if there was a rough
> > > consensus, but was surprised to find that very few clients actually
> > > provide a way to get the URL of the current Gopher item!  VF-1 does, but
> > > it doesn't include search terms at all, which is something I'd like to
> > > fix.  
> > 
> > Sacc knows it.  
> Could you explain how?  Sacc was one of the clients I tried.  I read the
> man page.  It is clear that I can press `u` to see the URL of the menu
> item my cursor is currently pointing at.  This is not the same thing as
> seeing the URL of the item I am currently *at*.  After I have done a
> Veronica search with sacc and I am staring at the results, how do I ask
> sacc "Which URL am I at, right now?".

I added a 'U' keybinding for showing the page URI.
If it's a type '7', it'll additionnaly show the search string after the
selector, separated by a space.

> > Normally the  client has internally  only the  menu item of  item type, 
> > selector, server and port. If there is a tab in the selector, with item 
> > type ?7?, it does not need to ask for a user prompt.  
> The above experiment shows that almost no clients check for a tab in the
> selector.  Most of them are interpeting an item type of 7 as literally
> meaning "I need to ask the user for input".

sacc does ask the user for input, but with the answer pre-filled with
the search string given in the URI so that the user can just press
<Enter> to validate the search with the string.

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