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Re: Re: New Gopher clients

> As a person who also has a Gopher client (Simple Gopher Client on the
Microsoft store) , what do people most like about their favorite Gopher
client? I'd love to get more ideas on what people most want
>Peter Smith

My favorite Gopher client is actually Apple's old Cyberdog, which renders
out Gopher menus as a combined tree with text and options that expand out
when clicked. Not only that, but you can drag and select files for batch
downloading; it really screams Gopher as an information retrieval system or
file transfer protocol instead of "diet-hypertext", and I absolutely wish
more clients implemented systems like that than confining it to the
boundaries of HTML or simple listboxes. 

Gopher's hierarchial nature is something we can greatly benefit from and yet
I feel it's so greatly understated today. The constant comparisons of Gopher
to HTTP and HTML seem to be leading us to believe that it's just
diet-hypertext, and that's why I look at modern browser implementations with
skepticism. Look at the implementations of WSGopher32 and even Netscape 6
which had been going on the right track. (Netscape 6's sole shortcoming was
flat-out picking out and ignoring information selectors. Oops.)

I did actually write a blog post[1] on this which sums up my thoughts.
Apologies if this email didn't send correctly, this is my first time
replying to the list. 


[1]: https://blog.somnolescent.net/index.php?itemid=23&catid=5

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