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Re: ANSI Colour & RIP

On Wed, Aug 08, 2018 at 11:56:29PM +0000, Shufei wrote:
> Oh, this sounds lovely, exactly what I was hoping for.  I've been doing some
> ANSI art, and of course could serve that as bin or text, but fancied having
> both a standard and colour version of a gopherhole rendered in-client for
> that ye olde bbs aesthetic. I shall experiment!

Many of those old "extended ASCII" characters now have Unicode
equivalents, or at least close substitutes.  See:


(some of the Geometric Shapes characters feel quite PETSCII to me!)

If you want to put "ANSI art" in Gopherspace, I would encourage you to
use these and serve the files as UTF-8 text, rather than CP437 or
similar.  This will probably result in much wider client support,
although even UTF-8 support is not a given.

Dubst3pp4 has a nice example of Unicode ANSI art at l00t.de!


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