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Re: ANSI Colour & RIP

VF-1 (https://github.com/solderpunk/VF-1) handles ANSI colour codes no
problem, and if you give it a "set encoding cp437" command it will even
correctly render old DOS-style "ANSII art" using those extended ASCII
block shading and box drawing characters!

No vector graphics, though.


On Wed, Aug 08, 2018 at 06:08:26AM +0000, Shufei wrote:
> Dear Gophers,
> Maybe the purists will chitter, but I was wondering if any gopher clients
> reliably render ANSI colour escape codes and possibly RIP vector graphics?
> I tried Lynx and the old standard client in a few terminals and both flop at
> reading this from txt, so didn't fancy it will work in a gophermap.
> Thanks heaps,
> Shufei

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