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Re: [gopher] OverbiteFF to be updated for Fx41

Cameron Kaiser <spectre@floodgap.com> wrote:

> Mozilla is deprecating the old NewChannel API (which OverbiteFF, since it
> implements its own protocol, depends on) and starting in Fx41 use of the old
> NewChannel family of functions will generate an assertion in debug builds.
> It will work fine in release builds, but obviously that won't be for long.
> To fix this will require porting to the new API. That means, sadly, we must
> leave Firefox 3.6-37ish behind (the new API is present in both 38ESR and
> standard release builds, so TenFourFox users will be able to use it).
> For this version I am also thinking of implementing whois:// and finger://
> and there will be a few optimizations made.
> Just a heads up.

Thanks for keeping the Overbite FF plug-in going; I think a lot of gopherspace
visitors are using it or proxies, at least initially.

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