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Re: [gopher] OverbiteFF to be updated for Fx41

I use the Firefox extension at work to browse through Gopher holes, glad to see it being updated in the wake of Mozilla Corp being such b**ping a$$holes and changing a perfectly working API. Like if I created a Gopher browser with extension support, I wouldn't just change a perfectly working API.... sometimes I just don't understand this world. I just can't wait for a huge solar flare to hit us, bringing us back to the days of only dial-up, where the Gopher will finally reign supreme once again.

I'm secretly wanting to start an underground Gopher cult, where we ponder ways to bring down the HTTP protocol and make all those bow down and pledge allegiance to their new Gopher god! Mwahahaha.

Was that any good? Do you think I should start a Gopher fan fiction hole? Would anybody care to read about how the Underground Gophers take down the evil that is HTTP and his unholy devilspawn child REST?

On May 19, 2015 10:46:18 PM MDT, simple@sdf.org wrote:
Cameron Kaiser <spectre@floodgap.com> wrote:

Mozilla is deprecating the old NewChannel API (which OverbiteFF, since it
implements its own protocol, depends on) and starting in Fx41 use of the old
NewChannel family of functions will generate an assertion in debug builds.
It will work fine in release builds, but obviously that won't be for long.

To fix this will require porting to the new API. That means, sadly, we must
leave Firefox 3.6-37ish behind (the new API is present in both 38ESR and
standard release builds, so TenFourFox users will be able to use it).

For this version I am also thinking of implementing whois:// and finger://
and there will be a few optimizations made.

Just a heads up.

Thanks for keeping the Overbite FF pl ug-in going; I think a lot of gopherspace
visitors are using it or proxies, at least initially.

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