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Re: [gopher] Question

> Thank you for your answer, Mateusz. Maybe you are right about CSS,JS etc,
> but I don't see a client for Gopher which supports CSS in Gopher-sites.

Although I don't see any technical reason why no one would implement this,
I would be hesitant because, as has already happened with web pages, there
would be the risk of the menu being useless without implementing server

OverbiteFF allows the *user* to style menus in the way they see fit with
skins, but not the server requiring a particular style, forcing the server
to format its menus in a way that works for everyone (including those on
lower power systems and those with low vision or hearing). This is one of
the things I find most compelling about Gopher -- I can browse it on any
of my computers from the MacBook Air to the Commodore 128.

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