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[gopher] Any webcomics fans out here?


I like to read a few web comics from time to time. I prefer to read when I'm away from a computer, preferably on my smartphone. My problem is that checking for updates of my favorite webcomics is taking ages on a smallish screen with a sluggish android web browser.

On the other hand, Overbite is working very nicely (fast!) on my Android, therefore I came up with the idea that I will read webcomics on my phone via gopher since now on.

All this to say that I've set up a little gopher service that grabs automatically updates from latest webcomics I like, and allow to browse them via gopher. If there are some webcomics freaks like me out here, I'd love to hear what you think about this:


Not sure that sharing the code of this 'GophComix' engine would be of any interest to the community... But if so, I might package it to make it possible for others to reuse it for similar purposes.

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Too bad that the android version of overbite do not supports displaying images on html pages :/ Is it something that have any chance to get improved in some future, or should I consider Overbite on Android an 'end of life' software? :)
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