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[gopher] PhlogEngine - new (improved) version


Just wanted to announce that I released a new version of my PhlogEngine a few minutes ago. Since my last post, I made lots of changes! Below I list the most visible ones:

 - gopher item types for attached files are detected automatically
 - ability to insert inline links into articles
 - dates on articles became optional
- articles with the same date (or no date) are sorted alphabetically in the listing - it's possible to provide a custom storage path for articles via a configuration file (for people needing to store articles outside of their cgi-bin directory)
 - if the user do not use the 'tags' feature, filtering by tags is hidden

Now, PhlogEngine can be used to store in an easy way also things that are not a de facto phlog - actually, the gopher site of PhlogEngine is hosted on a PhlogEngine install itself.


If you'd like to see how it looks like on a phlog-like site, you can consider my personal phlog as a "demo":


Mateusz Viste

P.S. I have no github stuff or what not to offer, sorry ;)

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