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[gopher] PhlogEngine (a simple gopher log engine) released

Hello all,

From time to time I get questions about what makes my personal "phlog" (aka gopher log) running, so I decided to release the code of my engine publicly.

It's no rocket science, really, but since people ask, I guess it might be useful to some. Today I edited the code a bit, added a Makefile, and wrote a quick readme to explain how one is supposed to use it.

So here is PhlogEngine, the phlog engine that I wrote a few years ago in FreeBASIC. It's a CGI program that can be used with any CGI-aware gopher server. It is available for download along with all my other gopher toys below:


You can see an example of how it works here:


Of course I will gladly provide any configuration help to anyone that might need it. But don't ask for new features, since I won't have time to do any work on this anyway... (unless it's a trivial hack).


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